Mario Royale - The Complete History

Over the last few weeks, an amazing story has unravelled. It has twists and turns, heroes and villians. This is the complete history of...


A Youtuber by the name of InfernoPlus released a video showing his new, 'battle royale' version of super Mario Bros. Watch it here. Anyway, at the time, this piqued the interest of many a person. Well, I think that undersells it a bit. the game BLEW UP. People went crazy over the game, and rightly so - this game was strangely addicting.

Too bad the big N weren't fans. The game reused Mario levels and physics (not Nintendo's favourite thing) AND the game linked to a patreon account, meaning that, in Nintendo's eyes, profit could be made from the game. It was swiftly hit with a DMCA strike, and the story gets interesting.

The game was renamed and reskinned to 'DMCA Royale'. The game remained popular - until Nintendo struck once more.

Nintendo weren't happy with the insubstantial changes and threatened legal action.

However, the story continues. Over on the discord server, the project keeps being propped up on several domains. Nobody knows where the story will go!